Why Silk?

At Cocoon LA, we want our customers to enjoy beautiful timeless pieces, with the knowledge they were made to the highest standards, both in quality and throughout the production process. Offering an alternative to the ubiquitous nature of todays sleep and loungewear, our clients at Cocoon LA,  indulge in specialty products that are as unique and beautiful as they are while realizing the true benefits in health and beauty. Treat yourself to silk loungewear and join the community that is making a positive impact on wellness for both themselves and the environment we all share. 

What are the benefits?

Besides its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, there are a variety of other benefits that silk offers, more so than other fabrics, whether natural or artificial. The advantages of silk has rightly earned it the name "Queen of all Fabrics”.

How does this affect my overall wellness?

Silk contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells thus helping to reduce signs of aging. Silk is a natural heat regulator, able to maintain the air around you at a comfortable temperature when you sleep. The smooth surface of silk means there is little friction between your skin and your bedding linen, which is said to be the biggest cause for sleep wrinkles. The fact that your hair also moves around freely can reduce messy hair in the morning adding longevity to that perfect hair style or blow out. 


Bugs, bacteria and molds do not like silk.  With the biggest 3 in-house allergens unable to manifest themselves on your clothing, allergy sufferers can rest relaxed knowing they are safer from skin rashes, eczemas and stuffy nose.